When some information is uploaded to a cloud website hosting account or downloaded from it, web site traffic is generated and that is an attribute that each hosting package has. It is furthermore among the attributes you have to check out, since the amount of website traffic allowance you will need depends upon what you need the account for. The site traffic is generally generated by downloads including website visits. In layman's terms, whenever somebody goes to your website, the web pages are downloaded from the server to his or her computer system and they are afterwards displayed by their web browser. It is also important to be aware that uploads are considered too, hence when you back up bigger files from your pc to the server, some web site traffic will be generated as well. Different suppliers sometimes have different names for this particular feature, for example traffic, bandwidth, data transfer, however they all refer to the same thing - the exact amount of incoming and outgoing info generated for a particular period of time.
Monthly Traffic in Cloud Website Hosting
All of our Linux cloud website hosting are appropriate for any type of small or medium-sized site and even a larger variety of sites. Considering that you can host a variety of domains in one account, we have designed the plans in a way so as to supply all options you will need. No matter if you own a private portfolio website or an eCommerce site, our monthly website traffic quota that your site can use won't ever be a holdback. Thus, you will have the opportunity to expand your worldwide web presence and get a lot of new website visitors without having to worry about hitting a cap. The Hepsia hosting Control Panel will offer you in-depth information for the traffic usage to and from your account, that will enable you to take care of all your websites and your account better. You can check monthly, daily and hourly stats, the traffic produced by each individual domain and by the account as a whole, the most downloaded files, etcetera.
Monthly Traffic in Dedicated Servers Hosting
The monthly website traffic quota that comes with our dedicated server plans is sufficient for any type of web site irrespective of its type. Your web applications can produce terabytes of site traffic, which ensures that all your visitors will never see any error message on your site as a consequence of not sufficient quota the way it may happen with various types of web hosting. In addition, we leave the option to upgrade your site traffic amount open, but it's very unlikely that you'll ever need it even if you intend to run a file sharing web site or a video streaming portal. The server administration Control Panel will provide you with precise real-time info how much data has been transmitted for the month so far, and what amount of it remains until you reach the limit. We will also let you know you if you get to 90% of the allowance in order to be on the safe side and avoid any downtime of your web sites. The info in our panel contains the full traffic, plus software downloads, so that it's more accurate than the one in your hosting Control Panel where you'll be able to see details only about the visitors developed by web content.